While a lot of focus of late has been with respect to Large Scale Solar Heat, I think it important to also recognise the coming contribution that small scale, better known as Localised Individual Solar Thermal [LIIST] will potentially provide when integrated with interseasonal storage, such as the DSH system.

It cannot be emphasized enough that millions of buildings and homes will be outside the scope of Large Scale Solar thermal.  LIST provides individual solar heating for Commercial, Industrial and residential heat loads.   The DSH system provides interseasonal storage as part of their design because the only way to provide heat in many places that are thermally challenged in winter, such as Canada and northern Eu, is to store heat when solar heat is plentiful for use later.  Essentially this is storing summer heat for use in winter. In addition, new solar collectors work well during any sunny periods in winter down past -30C. DSH is doing this now and is willing to share the technology with qualified parties.

It is our belief that this solar heating capability is very misunderstood and essentially left out in the cold, and deserves more attention.


R. (Ron) Theaker CD


Digital Solar Corp.

(As sent to the Solar Heat Europe)