DSH System

Understanding DSH Difference

What is DSH?

DSH stands for Digital Solar Heating.  Why ‘Digital’?  Our DSH Controller works in the background to manage all the components of the heating system.

As the system goes through the day, there are many decisions that it makes depending on the demands of the system.  If you are heating a warehouse vs a residential property or if you have add ons like Solar Hot Water,  the Controller decides where the heat comes from and stores any unneeded heat in the Core. 

The DSH Core is critical to the year round operation of the system and is what sets the system apart from all others.

When you need the heat for your building is typically at night or during the winter when a traditional Solar System is unable to provide any energy.

The Basics

Solar energy is captured in the Evacuated Tubes and used to either meet the demands of the system or stored for future use. The DSH Pump Station, which is specially designed to be compact, easy to access and maintain, is built to handle all the needs of the system from storage, heating and even solar hot water.


Is the DSH System the right fit for your project?

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