With two unprecedented years behind us, a huge economic slump, and Global Warming raising its ugly heat everywhere you turn whats next?

With everyone focused on solar based carbon reduction via Solar PV, but current drawing E-Cars in the future, how will the power grid cope?

We believe someone in government ans commerce will wake up and smell the carbon roses!  Here is why I say this:

  1. Carbon emissions are front ands center with countries laying down the la that we need to be net zero within 30 years. from 2020.
  2.  PV can supplement the power grid, as long as massive battery storage systems are integrated.
  3. PV performance is still abysmal still hovering around 20%, requiring massive infrastructure to be useful.
  4. Roughly 40% of Carbon Emissions will be targeted using PV systems.
  5. Roughly 40% of Canada’s Carbon emissions are due to infrastructure heating and cooling
  6. That 40% of emissions is mostly being ignored at the moment.
  7. Soon that disparity will be realised and Solar Thermal will become mainstream.
  8. DSH has the only logical solution at the moment, given the low cost TES or interseasonal THermal Energy Storage incorporated in the design.

We at DSH wish you all a fantastic new year, YEEHAH!!