HeatSpring Mag. 20210101

Policymakers often focus on providing incentives for efficient heat sources, but neglect to do their research on distribution systems.

As a result, they’re missing out on opportunities to boost the efficiency of the overall heating system. They could do this by developing programs that help designers optimize hydronic distribution systems, says John Siegenthaler, instructor of HeatSpring’s Mastering Hydronic System Design course.

Distribution Systems are Not All Alike

“One thing that doesn’t get focused on is distribution efficiency,” he says. Distribution systems use electrical power to move heat regardless of how that heat is produced, he says.

“Water holds huge advantages as far as reducing the electrical power required for heat distribution,” he says. Hydronic distribution systems are typically many times more efficient than forced air systems.  “With creative designs, it can be better than a ten to one ratio,” he says.