Wanted: Canadian Solar Heating Pilot Projects

Considering Building in the next 12 months: On or Off-Grid?

Are you looking for eco-friendly, carbon-free, heating alternatives?  Welcome to the new DSH Heating System.

We are looking for potential solar heating PILOT projects.This meas a discounted installation may be available for you and data recording for us. The DSH system can reduce your heating and Hot Water bill by +/-85% per year, and reduce your carbon emissions by a like amount. You can be a part of the solution and not the problem and it could save you thousands of dollars in operating costs every year.

DSH is actively seeking new builds.

DSH offers a solar heating system combined with a low cost, Geo-based, Thermal Energy Storage system that allows storage of all summer heat for use later or at night. In addition the new DSH Solar collectors operate well even at -30C.

Preference:  we prefer builds with slab near/on grade construction, typically found in commercial buildings, malls, or workshops: Hydronic radiant heating system.

Suitable designs for the pilot project include any building using slab on/near grade. This can include Warehouses, Workshops, Garages, Car Washes, Motels, etc. Homes are also potentially possible, please ask.  If you are considering a NET-ZERO design, the DSH system can fill in the “net-zero hole”.

Our Canadian designed heating system is proven overseas with dozens of installations. Recently the DSH system was reengineered to function well in the cold that is Canada. The new GEN2 system was recently modeled by the University of Wisconsin and a white paper generated with the results. This white paper is available on request.

The University modelled the DSH system over a 5 year period in Calgary with results showing 85% heating/yr offset for a 5,000 SqFt warehouse that included a warmer front office.

The next logical step for DSH is to install a few select pilot projects and monitor these systems over a period time. This means a reduction in the capital cost of the system to you while we collect the data on the operations. If you want more information on how that would work for you contact us now. We are aware of building lead times.

FYI: The DSH solar collectors come in either Domestic of commercial collectors and require a large are to be allocated. In addition, these collectors all operate well even at -30C (-22F) meaning they actually operate well throughout the winter whenever reasonable solar is present. As a rule Solar Thermal EvT collectors are about 4X more efficient than Solar PV (PhotoVoltaic [Electricity] panels). The DSH system includes the solar collectors sized for your project, a Pump Station in a Metal box with double doors, sensors, bespoke digital control system, and Oxygen proof PEX. Part of the design is a sized TES or thermal energy storage system located below the slab. It requires a low cost, insulated area sub-slab; this is not a water  tank storage system but rather a new innovative way to store all summer heat for use later i.e. winter..

Prices will depend on the projects and guesstimates are freely given. We are manufacturers not contractors and will price the design and components. We will also expect to work with your contractors to ensure the system is installed to DSH spec.You will need to budget for this cost as well as the inter-seasonal storage system excavation.

Your net result is an automated solar heating system with a built in mass storage system that can store all summer heat for use later. This means with the exception of any backup heat required, most of your heating will be from solar by year 3. The system can be On or OFF grid. Off Grid requires the use of solar PV to run the pump and controller. The pumps are high efficiency magnetic pumps and can be operated from batteries charged by the PV system.

Please feel free to scroll through the website to get a feeling for the sope we are able to provide. You can also request a copy of the whitepaper on the effectiveness of our Digital Solar Heating system in Canadian climates and book a conversation with our team. An approved backup heating appliance is required by code and is integrated but optional.

Options: Will affect the cost, yet can be implemented as stand-alone or in conjunction with heating and hot water.

  1. Hot Water
  2. Fireplace Back-boiler integration
  3. Snow Melt: Driveways, sidewalks, Solar Panels/collectors, etc
  4. Spa Pool. Swimming Pool,
  5. High temp Storage for commercial herat
  6. Solar Thermal Refrigeration: 10 to 20 Ton chiller

Looking forward to hearing from you. Be prepared to provide a location (to Calculate insolation), the deign conception (to calculate solar array size), and a soft copy of your design where possible. BONUS: Need a 5,000 SqFt Shop/Warehouse? We can provide the preliminary design of a 5,000 SqFt warehouse used in the University of Wisconsin modelling, for construction when combined with the DSH system, for no cost. You will still require a local designer to fine tune the architectural details for your local building permit application.

To be clear this is not a scam and we will NOT bombard you with emails nor share your details with others outside DSH.

Patented 2010 and 2017

From the DSH Website: How it works

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