Air-to-Air, DC 48V, Multi-Head, A/C & Solar, Heat Pumps

Solar Powered Heating and Cooling

The simplest most Eco-Friendly system with solar and battery storage.
The heat pump provides solar heat or A/C on demand. The battery system is sufficient to run the heat pump through much of the night. The Heat Pump is variable speed which optimizes the heat load and reduces noise. There is no start-up power surge. It is possible to connect the heat pump to the grid to operate it when there is no sun, or batteries are depleted.

Helps you to reduce your electricity bill by 40 – 80 %
SEER up to 36 with Solar, 22 without Solar
Enjoy Heating & Cooling from Solar Energy
Low investment compared to AC powered Heat Pumps


Where can I find pricing? – Contact us via email for the most up to date pricing on your needs

Who will install my heat pump? DSH does not complete the installation. Any HVA professional will be able to install your purchase. IF you require assistance finding one we are here to help.  The DSH KIT comes as a packages that can be installed by most handy persons. If unable: Mains power may require an electrician. Solar may require a roofing or solar professional. Is you require i, depending on the locations, we may be able to recommend installers new you. The system comes with pre-installed refrigerant, no gauges required.

What is the warranty? DSH provides a manufacturers limited warranty on defects from factory. This does NOT cover shipping damage or installation damage.  

Outdoor Unit Dimension

865x310x710 mm

865x310x710 mm

Indoor Unit Weight

20/22 Kg

25/27 Kg

Outdoor Unit Weight

48/55 Kg

52/58 Kg

Heat Pump data

24000 BTU

36000 BTU

DC Power Supply

48 V DC

48 V DC

AC Power Supply

220 V AC

220 V AC

Heating capacity

27000 BTU/h

40000 BTU/h

7.9 KW

12 KW

Cooling Capacity

24000 BTU/h

36000 BTU/h

7.2 KW

10 KW

Power Input

1300 Watts

2200 Watts

Rated Current

30 A

44 A

Rated Voltage

DC 48 V

DC 48 V

Indoor unit Noise

<50 dB(A)

<52 dB(A)

Outdoor unit Noise

<58 Db(A)

<56 Db(A)

Air circulation

1050 m3/h

1350 m3/h

Suitable area

30-48 m2

40-60 m2








DC 48V

DC 48V

Work temp

-20C  to  +60C

-20C  to  +60C

Indoor Unit Dimension

985x300x220 mm

1180x300x240 mm

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