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16 May 2015, Niagara Falls, Ont.

CANSIA Game Changer Awards 2016:

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Solar thermal energy languishes in N America., while Solar PV (Photo Voltaic i.e. Electricity) reigns supreme even though Solar Thermal is 4X more efficient. And yet, some countries are taking note:


Nov 2017: Surprise Arizona USA: The town of Surprise has begun high speed evaporation of waste water using solar thermal CSP heat generation. The semi-solids can then be trucked easily and possibly set up for use in other industries.


Nov 2017: Abu Dhabi UAE.  Experts from over 50 countries attended the 5th International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling (SHC) in Abu Dhabi, UAE,  This resulted in resulted in the largest group of experts meeting to discuss integrated Solar Heating & Cooling solutions for buildings, industry, cities, regions and utilities, and there were in over 300 presentations to over 500 attendees.


Oct 2017 Germany: Germany’s Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, BMWi, has launched a new District Heating Networks subsidy for locations where solar, biomass or waste heat is used to meet at least 50 % of their clients annual demand. In September BMWi ran a workshop called Solar Heat in District Heating, during which planners and turnkey system suppliers discussed the excellent performance of some recently completed SDH (Solar District Heating) plants in the German city of Chemnitz and the town of Senftenberg. http://ritter-xl-solar.com/en/applications/district-heating/senftenberg-...


Oct 2017 Belo Horizonte, Minas Geraise, Brazil: High rises use solar thermal to provide roughly half of all hot water in the served high rises. Also, there is a national plan to construct about 1 million new houses in Brazil for low-income population over the coming years, and this should stimulate and accelerate the Solar Hot Water market.


2015 Confederation Place Hotel, Kingston, Ontario, Canada,  Installation of solar  hot water for 94 guest rooms including showers, its  on-site laundry facilities, the hotel kitchen and a seasonal pool.


Oct 2013 Ivanpah Ariz USA: Worlds largest solar thermal plant with storage comes online

2011 Drake Landing, Okotoks, Alberta, Canada: Wins 2011 Wold Energy Globe Awards for sustainability



Colorado School of Mines (CSM), through the CSP: ELEMENTS funding program, is exploring the technical and economic feasibility of high-temperature thermochemical energy storage (TCES) in a concentrating solar plant. This may make solar thermal storage of Salts at high temperatures (>900c) feasible.


The University of Florida (UF), through the Concentrating Solar Power: Efficiently Leveraging Equilibrium Mechanisms for Engineering New Thermochemical Storage (CSP: ELEMENTS) funding program, is working on making concentrated solar power economically competitive with traditional forms of energy generation by driving the cost towards $0.06/kWh through the use of thermochemical energy storage (TCES).


The University of Florida (UF), through the CSP: ELEMENTS funding program, is working on making CSP economically competitive with traditional forms of electrical or other power energy generation by lowering the net cost of generation through the use of thermochemical energy storage (TCES).


Global trends in renewable energy investment ,2016 (http://www.fs-unep-centre.org)


EU-funded project claims to sustain 750ᄚC; Abengoaメs KaXu Solar One wins UN climate change award