COME VISIT US: DSH is a member of SESA and cordially invites you to meet us at the 2018 SESA Solar Show in Edmonton  Entry is free!

WHEN?   Saturday 03 March  2018  10an -5PM

NAIT Centre for Applied Technology (CAT) - 11755 106 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T5G 3H6,  Canada

Last year’s trade show was attended by over 1000 people. The Solar Trade Show offers the public the opportunity to directly meet many of Alberta’s solar businesses. Early March is an excellent time to initiate the planning process for a summer solar installation. Numerous solar workshops will be available. We will be holding manufacturer's workshops that will offer product showcases, and be offering kids activities including solar car races and solar cooking projects.

This year’s tradeshow will tie into the world’s first Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Conference on Cities and Climate Conference, which will take place in Edmonton March 4-6, 2018.

New DSH system for 2018

Severe Cold Weather

First Drainback system

Wireless and Blue-tooth enabled new controller with the ability to monitor you system from anywhere, to be released in 2018. It will have international powering capability. See below

DSH engineered a new heat core storage system for extreme climates. It is designed to offset over 50% of yearly domestic  heating and hot water needs, and perform well at -30c

The first drainback system was installed in Wellington NZ in 2017 and home temperatures were held in the +20 to 23c range during the first winter. And this with almost no  summer heat storage.

DSH “Being a part of the solution, not the problem

Huge reductions in Operating Costs and Emmissions

Residential ~ Commercial ~ Industrial



DSH launched a very successful drain-back system in 2017. During a power failure when the pumps stop all thermal transfer, fluid in the panels is allows to drain back into a SS storage tank in the pump station. This prevents overheating of the solar system transfer  fluids, at a time when steam can be generated..


A new multifaceted controller is expected to roll out in 2018.

Some of the expected new features will include:

  • WiFi  enabled for smart phone or computer access
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Data storage and performance  histogram
  • Online access from anywhere
  • DC system with International power capability
  • Variable speed high efficiency pumps
  • Multifaceted roof options
  • SCADA based digital control system
  • Heat storage depth temperature sensor
  • Cold weather option, tested in Alberta
  • Outside temperature ramping adjustment
  • Off-Grid capability