Carbon Savings

Comfort & Health

Out Of Pocket savings is a huge component reason to consider the DSH system. As the system can offset >50% of your yearly heating and hot water energy, the savings can be huge.

GHG or Greenhouse gas and Carbon  savings, are reason enough for some to consider this system. Everyone likes to be seen as being a part of the solution and not the problem. Offset is up to 100%.

Without doubt, hydronic heating is the most comfortable heating system for large areas and homes. In addition there are no  added noises or forced air drafts, or movements of dust, allergens or bacteria.

Being a part of the solution, not the problem

Huge reductions in Operating Costs and Emmissions

Residential ~ Commercial ~ Industrial

Residential OOPS Savings Example

Commercial Savings Example

Take your yearly spend on heating and half your yearly spend on electricity to get your heat energy spend. Multiply by 50% to get your minimum net OOPS savings, then try instead 70% offset.

A motel or laundry for example may spend well over $20,000/yr on heating and more importantly, hot water. The DSH system can offset 50-70% of this, a staggering amount of savings.